Living Stone Community Church

Vision of Living Stone Community Church

Raising up a new generation of Asian Americans for Christian missions to the World.

I see a vision of a church with a large staff of ministers and pastors helping to heal the physical and emotional hurts of Asian American and their families.

I see a vision of a church where over 1000 Asian Americans and their families are loved and cared for and their spiritual needs met.

I see a vision of a mission center that will send out hundreds missionaries to the world.

I see a vision of a place that will train and disciple thousands of new Christian leaders for mission locally and to the world.

I see a village where there is a counseling center, a retreat center, an elderly house, a day care center, schools, and the church is in the center.

I see a radio program where people are calling in and we are talking to them, telling them about using God’s words to live their daily lives.

I see a children musical team going to different parts of the world ministering to others as Christ did.

I see a church that has English as the common language with many multi-lingual groups, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, etc. all worshipping together.

I see the church doing contemporary musical worship that is relevant to our culture.

I see people of all ages in the church, children, youth, young people, middle-age, elderly, all bringing people to Christ.

I see preaching at our church that is conversational and enjoyable, people will be energized and transformed.

I see a church impacting the whole community. It is not just a place to come to worship, but a place to come to change the community.