Living Stone Community Church

Next Generation Vision

Ethnic Second and Third Generations

The Powerful Force in Our Churches

Who Are They?

  1. Generation 1.5: Born in their native countries, came with their immigrant parents to the U.S. after early infancy, and raised here.
  2. Generation 2.0:Born to immigrant parents living in the U.S. and raised in and assimilated into American culture.
  3. Generation 3.0: Born to Generation 1.5/2.0 parents and completely acculturated to the U.S.

What Challenges face us?

Second and Third Generations have special needs and different expectations than their first-generation parents: They prefer to worship in English and have their own second-generation leaders. They need to be accepted and affirmed by first-generation leaders. They need strong biblical teaching related to their culture and needs.

Which Strategies Will Meet Future Challenges?

  1. Recruit and raise up leaders to plant and grow healthy second- and third-generation churches.
  2. Present successful, alternative working models for church planting.
  3. Conduct seminars which ease the friction and help reconcile the First and Second Generations.

Please join us in prayer and partnership to reach out to the Second and Third Generations among our ethnic population:

  1. By providing workers to teach Sunday school classes in English to ethnic children and youth.
  2. By planting multicultural congregations.
  3. By providing temporary financial support to second-generation workers during the early stage of their ministries.