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Living SCC Life Groups

Living SCC Life Groups

Life groups is a the building block of our church.  In life groups, this is where we live life together as God's family.  We see that our call to love one another does not only happen on Sunday, but Monday through Saturday.

Life Group is about "Life Transformation." In order to experience life transformation, we need to build a community of love, a commitment to discipleship, a heart for evangelism, and a vision for multiplication.  Together we can let God's truth and grace transforms us from the inside out.

Currently, we have a youth life groups which is from B01 to B04. You are encouraged to sign up online at Living SCC Life Groups. You can also sign up by connection card: pick the number of the life group of your choice, write it down on your connection card, and return the card before you leave. All Life Groups will start by the end of September. Sign up now!

List of our Life Groups and leaders for the 2013 Spring Term

Awake Life Groups for Youth for Middle & High School students
  Natalie, Enoch, Shawn

If you are interested in joining a Life Group, please fill out this form and one of the Life Group Leaders will contact you shortly.  If you have not registered on our webpage, please do create an account so that we can get your contact information.  Thanks.

Registration Form Coming Soon

Life Group Member Self-Reminder

  • I will make this group a priority by attending each meeting during this semester, keeping up with my assignment if there is any and participating openly in group discussion.
  • I will do my best to build mutual trust in this group and keep confidentiality of any personal sharing by others during our meetings, unless doing so is crucial in preventing life threatening or harmful matters from happening.
  • I will strive to build authentic relationships with those in this group by showing care, providing encouragement and praying for their needs.